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Food For Thought

What is Fat Acceptance?

In this day and age, it is about time people look past weight and more towards the personality of the human being. Whether you are skinny or fat, that should play very little part in a community-based setting as there are so much more important things that we should be

Food For Thought

Calling Obesity A Disease?

Just last year the American Medical Association agreed to define obesity as a disease. It went against its own public committee to do so, and moved being overweight from being a condition to being a disease, along with alcoholism and drug addiction. So will calling overweight individuals diseased help steer


To no surprise a study shows that overweight young children consume more calories than thinner children. However in a new study researchers have discovered that older heavier children, may actually be consuming less calories compared to their thinner counterparts. “The message for society and parents is: Don’t assume that a